MSF Basketball private training is the best way to really identify your weaknesses with emphases on how you can transform those weaknesses  into your strengths by implementing them into your game.

We work on all aspects of the game of basketball. From Mental preparation and Leadership/Mentoring, Agility and strength training, shooting and in-game moves needed to be a scorer and a more effective player overall. We also offer Specialised Skills and Drills practiced by professional athletes and coaches from all around the globe.

MSF offers Specialised and Customized private training across Melbourne.
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“My Attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength.”

- MJ

One-on-One Personal Training / Specialised Basketball Coaching

  • Mobile One-on-One Specialised Basketball Coach/mentor.
  • Or specific PT work to be discussed upon request.
  • Anywhere in Melbourne (within 20km from city)
  • Any locations outside 20km, extra charges apply.

1 x 1 hour: $80
1x 1.5 hours: $100

Booking in advance 10 sessions or more, works to your advantage. Please call to discuss.



One-on-One PT (Personal Training)

Master in mind, body and soul practice that will see you through overcoming your deepest fears and conquering your greatest goals.

1 x 1 hour: $60
1x 1.5 hours: $90

Booking in advance 10 sessions or more, works to your advantage. Please call to discuss.

“ Practice gratitude, be grateful for your body (even the jiggly bits) your health, your adventure, your family, your life!"

- Don Tolman


  • Goal Setting/ Leadership/ Role Model
  • All types of Personalised PT program
  • Personalised analysis of BDM and additional body measurements and track records
  • Personal eating plan and tips
  • Personal Cleansing plans and guidance throughout the process.
  • Morning group sessions available.
  • Explosiveness, hand-eye co-ordination, strength & conditioning, endurance, agility and flexibility.
  • Anywhere in Melbourne (within 20km from city).
  • Any locations outside 20km, extra charges apply.



Small private groups

Small group Sessions can be a great alternative if you have a small group of friends or team mates that share the same goals. Small private sessions are most effective with 3 to 4 players.

“If you want to look good in front of thousands, you have to outwork thousands in front of nobody.”

- Damian Lillard - NBA Player


  • Team Work/Taking care of your team mates
  • 3-on-3 personalised training work stations.
  • Specialised drills and skills sets.
  • Team work and greater knowledge of the game.
  • How to move without the Ball.
  • How to work and play the triangle game/Triple Threat.


School Coaching

MSF Professional School coaching is a great way to give your student athletes an advantage to connect with one of our great coaches to teach them the fundamentals of basketball through skill development and mentoring in real game situations. The term program Focuses on being an efficient team player, staying in tip top health and most importantly, building the schools aspiring young athletes into a strong and well structured curriculum. Graduates/Players will leave their mark and represent their school with pride.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

- MJ


  • Team work/ offense/defense
  • Shooting and skill stations
  • Making the game of basketball fun and exciting at practice and on game days.
  • Weekly mentoring sessions.
  • How to become a better player. Subjects to be discussed.
  • Understanding health and well being.
  • Understanding your muscle groups and what they are used for.


Professional team coaching

MSF Professional team coaching offers great experienced coaches and knowledge of the game, with national and international level playing experience. Giving your team and club that additional edge to be successful, taking them to the championship level.


Head Coach

Can lead a team as head Coach, offering weekly training schedules and coaching on game days, from Domestic teams to Representative Teams, both mens and womens.

Locations: Any location of your choice in Melbourne.


  • Team Work
  • Individual small team work stations
  • Strength and conditioning
  • New plays or existing plays that need to be polished up and executed
  • New rules/ Deadlines
  • How to win championships


Team Training

If  your team is going through difficult times, not really getting it? MSF Basketball Coaches can come in to run a private session to fill in any gaps that are missing. Team work, moving the ball, team structure, communication level, skill level, different aspect on game play. Making practice fun and changing it up a little Ultimately transitioning into winning games and making everyone happy on and of the court.

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