MSF brings back Footscray Hawks


There is a history behind the Footscray Hawks basketball club. We would like to share the story and how it was brought back to life in 2011, after many years of the club being inactive.

MSF has a deep connection and life-long history with the Footscray YMCA Hawks. During the mid 90s, the old YMCA building on Essex Street, West Footscray, this place was the foundation for MSF, it’s where we all crossed paths, became friends, and started playing basketball for a team for the first time. The Representative team was called the Footscray YMCA Hawks. 200 kids would play in competitions every Friday night, while training sessions were held for all teams on Mondays.

The man behind the training sessions during the 90s and keeping the club running was the late Arthur Thompson, also Footscray-born, a man who played a major role in community development and promoting this great game to 1000’s of young people in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. If you ever visit the Footscray YMCA (now known as RecWest Footscray) you may have noticed the plaque on the wall, the court being named the Arthur Thompson Stadium. There is also a trophy at Albert Park named after Arthur for his work. A tradition, that we as MSF, hope to continue and will forever acknowledge the work of Arthur Thompson, and the inspiration he gave all of us at MSF while growing up. Without Arthur’s work, we may have never started MSF to begin with. Credit where credit is due.


By 2004, the Footscray YMCA no longer had any basketball league, club or program. It was non-existent. No training sessions. No hoop dreams. No more Footscray Hawks. This reality hit us hard. How could such a positive club die down after all those years of success when we were growing up in Footscray? We decided as young leaders, to start coaching kids voluntarily and start up the Footscray basketball program once again – to carry the torch and continue the work and give others the opportunity that Arthur Thompson gave to us. The first program was led by Andre Gorgievski, started off coaching his brother and his friends. The YMCA gave us 2 hours free court hire every week to run a free training session for anyone who wanted to learn the game and get fit with us. The MSF team all got involved and this free weekly program continued for 7 years straight. 2004-2011, the MSF team were able to share the torch and keep the program running for 30-40 kids every week.


In July 2011…



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