MSF Basketball Academy

Provides a range of High Level Basketball training programs suited to all ages and skill levels.

Specialised coaches that offer Private Training, Small Groups, School Coaching and Professional team training all across Melbourne, Australia.

We are passionate about helping young athletes take their game to the next level, by creating an opportunity and platform to help them get there.

MSF’s coaching methods and training techniques have been specially crafted over the last 10 years to come up with the perfect training programs Australia has to offer.

MSF offers a Unique Development camp that combines life skills and basketball training, Helping youth overcome personal challenges through choices that create positive change, both on and off the court.




The MSF Basketball Academy mission is to provide advanced coaching methods and programs our coaches have developed over the past 15 years at the highest level, aimed towards aspiring young athletes across Melbourne that are willing to put in the work and take their game and skill-set to a professional level.



The MSF Name

The origins of the MSF name stands for the Major Street-Basketball Foundation. MSF has always been a platform that represents the Australian basketball community – initiating projects, events and programs that ultimately contribute towards the growth of the game and basketball players across Australia.


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